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Class Structure

All of our technical classes are run with a maximum of 15 students (12 for Broadway Babies  and Pre Primary) for one hour. Where a grade has less than 5 students enrolled the time will be reduced accordingly.

The emphasis is on learning and achieving small goals throughout the year in an enjoyable, safe and fun atmosphere. To this end the children will be expected to achieve and maintain the expected standard within each class.

RAD Ballet

  • Ballet is the essential foundation upon which to build other dance techniques.  It creates a sense of discipline along with physical and aesthetic awareness of ‘placement’ and ‘line.’
  • DancEdge introduces classical ballet using the Royal Academy of Dance, an internationally acclaimed classical ballet syllabus, which maintains a high standard of technique, free movement and national character.
  • Once standard is achieved, Examinations are offered to students from the age of five through to vocational grades.

ISTD Modern/Contemporary

  • The ISTD is an internationally acclaimed syllabus of which we study Modern Theatre, Contemporary and Jazz. The study of contemporary dance technique complements other dance disciplines. Classes are based on the techniques of the great masters: Martha Graham, and Cunningham, as well as encouraging the students’ own exploration of movement. Students develop strength, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness, and will learn how to align their body correctly and be practised in presentation and performance.


  • Tap dance has many styles and influences from the American greats, such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly to our own home grown Tap Dogs. We develop musicality, use of the body as a percussive instrument, and a good understanding of rhythm, accents and syncopation.


  • We place great emphasis on teaching many forms of jazz dance, from Hip-Hop, to Cabaret, Funk, Broadway and Lyrical Jazz.
  • We offer Jazz from the ages of five through to seniors/professionals
  • A variety of jazz dance techniques, develops co-ordination and a spontaneous response to rhythm. It is essential in today’s competitive commercial theatre to be competent in different jazz styles.

Song and Dance

  • Our Song and Dance class compliments our Elite team program and strives to develop a sound vocal technique – as demanded by today’s musical theatre. Our students develop their knowledge of musical theatre repertoire with the requirements of popular theatre in mind, we focus on all aspects of technique and performance. Through the study of singing for the musical theatre, students will develop and maintain a strong vocal technique. The combination of dance, singing and acting skills are required for the professional musical theatre.


  • In the tradition of River Dance, the students learn Reels, Jigs and Slip jigs to traditional Irish Rhythms encompassing pumps and hard shoe.
  • We take students from the age of 4 and above.


  • Acrobatics is the art form of tricks and tumbling through dance. With such great inspiration as Cirque De Soule students very much enjoy the skills learnt in this class.  Ages from 5 and above.

Toddler Classes

  • Our BROADWAY BABIES program is for our younger students and offers classical ballet, jazz, tap, music and movement, and rhythm in small, fun doses to help stimulate and educate whilst the students expand their imagination. The class is for children aged 3 and 4, although we do accept children from 2& ½  depending upon approval from the principal.
  • Our PRE PRIMARY PROGRAM has a classical ballet class and a theatrical class which  combines  jazz technique and tap technique. This is for students already in pre-primary at school.

Elite Team

  • Our Elite team gives encouragement and performance opportunities to students who show a particular aptitude for performance and possible future professional employment. Students study in technique classes and develop their skill in learning choreography.
  • Studying musical theatre, will develop versatility, strengthen your professional and artistic discipline, and enable easy transition to many different styles of choreography.  We teach the history of musical theatre and current trends.